Anonymous asked:

I'm so so sorry for what's happened to you xx



All I want is my daddy to hold me in his arms

my heart feels like it has been crushed into a million pieces

I honestly cannot believe what has happened today, feel so so lost

Can’t sleep properly without you next to me 😔

where do i sign up

dear anon(s),

i’m so sick of feeling like i need to justify myself on the internet, but i’m absolutely sick and tired of receiving this kind of shit. you’re clearly a friend(s) of morgan’s who feel like you need to ‘protect’ him, but you’re not protecting him in the slightest by sending me anonymous messages. if you really cared about him, you’d be straight with me and send me a message on facebook. i don’t know if you realise, but he follows me on tumblr and i’m pretty sure he sees every single message you send…which isn’t exactly very nice for either of us to have stuff continuously brought up. i’ve spoken to him about the messages i receive and he apologised on behalf of whoever is sending them, so think about that before you send another one. 

morgan and i have barely spoken for months and we saw each other a couple of days ago, which if you have never experienced meeting up with an ex after you break up, is pretty damn hard for both people. it stirs up emotions and makes you both feel a bit shit. i hurt him really badly and he knows how sorry i am. despite what you may think, this whole situation has been hard for me too but eventually i have to stop punishing myself so that we can both move on completely.

no one is perfect, just because i made a mistake, it doesn’t make me a bad person. i’m pretty sure you’ve made mistakes and done stupid things too. no one can know what went on in a relationship, so stop getting involved with things that don’t concern you so i can happily continue my life :))))))

she’s my favourite person ever

Anonymous asked:

Stop manipulating Morgan. He is too much of a pushover and a forgiving person to see what you are doing.


how am i at all manipulating him?! kindly explain to me what exactly am i doing? jesus christ